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Your Guide to Getting Started

Congratulations on opening a new account at RBC Direct Investing. Our Investing Academy is here to help you gain confidence through relevant, easy-to-understand literacy content. Consider this Getting Started guide as the first stop on your investing journey.

Once you access your account, the path to your first trade is totally up to you. But to help you get there, we'll highlight four ways that are popular among clients. Click on one or all of them to explore more.

Get to know the RBC Direct Investing site here:

Get to Know the RBC Direct Investing Site

I Want to Add Money to My Account

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For most investors, the first step to getting started is to add funds to your new account. Whether you're transferring money into your investing account from RBC or another financial institution, we offer simple step-by-step instructions. Plus, learn what you need to know about foreign exchange and automated account services. Go to I Want to Add Money to My Account now.

 I'm Ready to Place a Trade

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If your account has been funded, and you know what you want, it may be time to place your first trade. If you're looking to start with stocks, we cover how to read a stock quote, how to buy a stock and how to choose the right order type. Also, find out about trading other securities, such as mutual fundsoptions and ETFs. Go to I'm Ready to Place a Trade now.

I Want to Practice Before I Get Started

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Practice can help build confidence. That's why we created the practice account: a way to trade real investments with zero risk. It's a great starting place if you want to learn how to navigate the RBC Direct Investing site, hone your skills and test strategies. Learn how it works. Go to I Want to Practice Before I Get Started now.

I'm Looking for Ideas

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Which investment is right for you? We show you how to find ideas (think: they're all around you). Plus, RBC Direct Investing makes it easy to explore investment ideas with Analyst Pick list, Stock Screeners and research reports. Start your search. Go to I'm Looking for Ideas now.

I've Placed My First Trade – Now What?

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Get order status notifications right to your inbox – we show you how. Also, what you'll find on your holdings page and everything you need to know about managing your order. Plus, learn what a watchlist can do for you, and easy ways to start growing your investing knowledge. Go to I've Placed My First Trade – Now What? now.

Investing Academy.  Knowledge Supports Success. Visit now.

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