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I'm Looking for Ideas

Seeking investment ideas? You're in luck. Investment ideas are all around. Here, we break down some easy ways to uncover them.

Analyst Pick Lists

See what experts are saying: Did you know you can access daily commentary from RBC analysts and economists, global investment forecasts from RBC Global Asset Management investment professionals and analyst reports on Canadian and U.S. companies from research firm Morningstar? See it all by navigating to the Market Commentary section under the Research tab online. There you'll also find Morningstar Pick Lists, where analysts have grouped their top investment suggestions into convenient lists. Plus, you'll find a list of recent analyst upgrades and downgrades.

Investor's Toolkit

The tools section of the Investor's Toolkit, found under the Research tab online, can be an excellent place to explore ideas. Here you'll find a collection of some of our best resources, including stock and ETF screeners that can help you narrow your choices.

Market News & Market Movers

Knowing what's going on in markets at any given time can often help spark ideas as well. In Markets Overview, under the Research tab online, you'll find a snapshot of how markets are performing, breaking news snippets, sector insights, upcoming events and a list of stocks with current notable price or volume changes – also known as market movers.

Find Ideas in Your Day-to-Day

Something as simple as reviewing your daily routine may present you with all kinds of inspiration, ranging from specific company products to companies that provide services that get your through your day. Start at the beginning and work your way from there: What brand of toothpaste do you use? Which app do you open first on your phone? How do you get where you need to go – or how does what you need come to you? These are all potential investment ideas to explore.

Next Steps: Research

You've got your ideas, but how to make sure if it's right for you? We break it down in Researching Investments Is Not as Hard as You Think. For more information, check out our research guide.

Further Reading

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