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Monitoring Your Investments Doesn’t Have to Be a Chore

Written by The Inspired Investor team  | Published on December 5, 2023

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You’ll often hear of stocks reaching a 52-week high or hitting a 52-week low. Or maybe you’ve seen news reports announcing a dividend payment or a specific company’s earnings report. Staying on top of these types of events and announcements when it comes to your own holdings is important. But let’s be honest, life gets busy and it can be hard to follow all the information related to your investments. 

With personalized insights about your investments right on your RBC Direct Investing homepage, it’s gotten a little easier to keep track. Thanks to the Recent Events Driving Your Holdings section of your homepage, you can quickly and easily find valuable information about your portfolio holdings. And staying well-informed about the latest developments impacting your holdings is key to making informed decisions that can help safeguard and maximize your portfolio’s performance.

Where You’ll Find Your Insights

On the Home tab, scroll down to the bottom of the page, below your listed accounts. You’ll see three events listed, and a link below to View All Recent Events that leads to your full list. If the recent announcements or event sparks further questions, click the Learn More button for quick access to additional context and information about the associated holding. Plus, you can filter by topic, such as dividend announcements or performance events – depending on your interests.

What Announcements and Events You Will Find

When you are logged into your RBC Direct Investing account, you have a variety of insights and data at your fingertips related to your holdings. For example, if there’s a dividend announcement, you’ll know. If a stock in your portfolio hits a new 52-week high or low, you’ll see that info. Or when trading prices cross certain thresholds, your events feed will keep you informed.

Each event stays on your homepage for five days before being updated, so you have plenty of time to see them before they change.

Here’s a full list of the announcements and events that are covered.

Performance Events

Dividend Announcements

Earnings Announcements

Ratings & Analysis Announcements

New 52 Week High/Low


Dividend Announcement


Earnings Announcement


Morningstar Ratings Change: Stocks


5-Day Volume Average Crosses Above/Below 20-Day Average

Ex-Dividend Announcement



Morningstar Equity Analyst Report


50-Day Moving Average Crosses Above/Below Price




Refinitiv Consensus Target Price Rise/Fall


200-Day Moving Average Crosses Above/Below Price




Why it Matters 

There are three main reasons you’ll want to check them out.

It’s All About You

This feature is fully personalized for you. The only announcements and events you’ll see are tailored to your personal portfolio. These insights help you cut through the noise revealing only the most relevant, actionable and meaningful events that impact your holdings.

It’s Info at Your Fingertips

Monitoring your investments doesn’t have to be a chore. Let this feature do some of the heavy lifting for you. Of course, this feature doesn’t replace your own research and the importance of maintaining general knowledge about your holdings, but it allows you stay informed about recent announcements and events that affect your portfolio. With this digestible info in hand, you can decide where to focus your time and energy on the investment research that matters most to you.

It Helps You Make Informed Decisions 

As an investor, you face an overwhelming amount of information every day. With insights about your unique portfolio holdings, this feature can help you focus on what’s important. This can help give you the confidence that comes with knowing you are up-to-date and making well-informed decisions.

Look for Recent Events Driving Your Holdings at the bottom of your RBC Directing Investing homepage.

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